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    Independent R & D patents

    The company independently developed "auto-generated machine vision systems and automatic detection algorithms learning methods" patent, was to obtain a certificate in 2012

    High-speed, fine sorting detection

    In 2012 the project has been completed based on AVPLC automatically generated hardware development machine vision systems and automatic detection algorithms learning methods.

    Software is constantly being upgraded

    Since its inception, the company have developed a variety of industrial vision products, used to detect cigarette barrel

    Emancipation of labor

    Emancipation of labor, improving Product Brand image, value.

    Optoelectronics, integrated weight

    Optical, weight integration, can freely assemble, to the enterprise cost savings, ease of use.

    Private custom, military quality assurance

    Our technology from military technology, every product and more stringent procedures to control, quality guaranteed, and private enterprise customization.

    Qingdao Fuji Mountain Mac...

    Electric control system adopts DGW-801 papaya photoelectric and weight sorting i...

    Hongta group Yuxi cigaret...

    Appearance quality detection system applied to the Hongta group Yuxi cigarette f...

    Hongyun Honghe tobacco (G...

    Box the box cover box cover anomaly detection and position correcting device sys...

    Candy orange cloud crown

    Use a tripod for technology products, save a lot of cost of production, they are...

    Brand Introduction

    Shenzhen Ding Technology Co., Ltd. was established in July 22, 2009. Is a dedicated industrial inspection and automation of core technology of high-tech private enterprises, double soft enterprises, high-tech enterprises in Shenzhen, 2012 was approved as a national high-tech enterprises. More>


    Hu Shengan

    Position: Project Leader motto: do everything every day! 2008 graduated from Anhui University, Mechanical Engi...

    Lee town

    Lee town jobs: study Motto: do everything every day! 2009 graduated from the Wuhan Institute of Technology Co...

    Liushan ha...

    Position: Technical Director Motto: do everything every day! 2006.09-2009.07 in southeast Jiangxi Science and...

    Company News

    Shenzhen Ding Technology Co., Ltd. was formally la...

    Shenzhen Ding Technology Co., Ltd. was formally launched the official website

    What is a computer vision?

    Computer vision is a research on how to enable the machine to \"see\" science, furthermore, is refers to the identificat...

    The theory of computer vision

    Processing of computer vision can and should be for visual information according to the characteristics of the computer ...

    Industry News